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Direct Windscreens can bill your windscreen repair or windscreen replacement directly to your insurance companies, saving you time and money. Please call for further details. Direct Insurance Billing Benefits of repairing your windscreen: Save time Save money by not having it replaced Maintain your car’s MOT certificate Repair is better for the environment than having to replace an entire windscreen   Our mobile service team will diagnose the damage no matter your location. If a replacement is necessary, we will organise a time and place for the service that is convenient to you. Direct Windscreens Leeds Windscreen Repairs Direct Windscreens Ltd will aim to repair your windscreen before replacing it. However your safety and that of your family is paramount so we will repair only if we are absolutely certain that it is safe to do so. The natural vibration of your car in motion, as well as environmental elements means that windscreen chips will inevitably turn into large cracks. Your windscreen should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid this. We normally recommend that chips no larger than a 50p coin can be repaired, but this also depends on the place of chip on the window. Direct Windscreens Ltd are able to repair just the chip on the windscreen through a process of injecting resin into the damaged area. The result is a windscreen with no noticeable repair on the chip, though this will ultimately depend on how big the initial chip was. Chips up to 2.5cm diameter can normally be repaired. Our repair service will ensure your windscreen is restored to full structural strength and you'll be able to drive the car immediately. Only a faint mark at the point of impact should be left. Call Direct Windscreens on 0800 8247957 for a free quote or to make a booking. Freephone: 0800 8247957 Others Say They’re Professional - We Can Prove It!